Equine Management and Care

About Lublin

Located on the route between Kraków, Warsaw, and Russia, Lublin is the industrial and cultural centre for southeastern Poland. Agricultural machinery, chemicals, automobiles and trucks, foodstuffs (especially sugar), and beer are produced. The city houses the Catholic University and the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University, as well as schools of medicine, agronomy, and engineering, and supports many museums, theatres, and music centres. Its notable landmarks include the medieval castle, which was restored in 1954; built in the 14th century, it was remodeled in a neo-Gothic style during the 19th century and was later used for a time as a prison. Its Chapel of the Holy Trinity houses the Lublin Museum and contains some remarkable Byzantine frescoes from 1418. On the site of the concentration camp is a museum and memorial park.

Important international transit routes meet here. Thanks to the constantly developed transport infrastructure, convenient road and rail connections with Central and Southern Poland have been established, while Lublin Airport, opened in December 2012, ensures easy access to key European cities and transport hubs: Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Oslo, Stockholm, Tel-Aviv, Eindhoven, Kiev, Liverpool, Munich, Milan and Verona.

Program of studies

The curriculum includes 32 obligatory courses, 12 elective courses, three humanity subjects and a foreign language which is taught over four semesters. During the first two semesters the student will learn general biological and chemical principles and about legal issues which are a necessary foundation for typically specialized subjects.

At the beginning the specialized subjects include the History of Horse Breeding and Use and Horse Physiology. The following specialized subjects are ordered in such a way that will enable a student to have an internship with a professional breeding practice after the first three semesters. The subjects include Equine Biology, Purebred Arabian or Thoroughbred Horse Breeding, as well as Horse Reproduction and Rearing.

The internship starts during foal breeding and mare mating. Other specialized subjects of the first semesters and the fourth one, such as Horse Training Bases, Horse Care or Horse Geriatrics, will allow students to have their second internship which will include an utilitarian and care profile. This internship will take place in the summer, when the largest equestrian events in Poland take place including: “European Eventing Championships for Young Riders”, “CAVALIADA TOUR”, “CSIO5*”, “Pride of Poland” – a Purebred Arabian horse auction.

The last two semesters improve competence in the areas of the most popular ways of horse use and all forms of specialized care. The final outcome of the studies is the defense of one’s Bachelor’s thesis which results in obtaining the professional Baccalaureate title in Equine Breeding, Use and Care.


To qualify for a 3-year program the candidate has to fulfil the following conditions:

1) present the secondary school- leaving certificate authorizing the candidate to enter the university in the country of its issuing

2) submit all required documents

3) cover fees in due course

– admission fee before filing documents

– tuition fee-after signing contract with ULS in Lublin

Required documents

1. Application form,

2. A certified true copy of either the secondary school-leaving examination certificate or the secondary school-leaving diploma authorizing the candidate to enter the university in the country of its issuing. The copy will be authenticated by the University. All documents must be submitted in English or translated into English by a sworn translator,

3. A document certifying the level of English (FCE, CAE, TOEIC, TOEFL, TELC) if the secondary school education was in other than English language,

4. Copy (certified true) of the passport page with a photograph,

5. One photo (35 mm x 45 mm) and an electronic version of the photo,

6. Health certificate excluding any reasons to enter the studies or horse riding,

7. Receipt of payment of 150 Euro admission fee on the University bank account,

Account number : PL11114010940000564185001001

How to apply

Submit all required documents in hard copies to:

Adam Kielpinski

Turka 411

20-258 Lublin


Make payments: Admission fee in the amount of 150 Euro to the University account:


We offer 2000 places in student hostels.

Student Hostels of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin offer a wide range of rooms – not only for students but also for people looking for holiday accommodation. The hotel offer is targeted both at individuals and groups. Location: Langiewicza Street (city center) and Dobrzanskiego Street (Felin District, near the Majdanek Museum). Visit our website www.akademiki.up.lublin.pl to look at the photos of our rooms.

Prices: from 290,00 zł (basic room, shared with 2 other persons)

400 zł (single room, standard)

to 900,00 zł (superior rooms)


The candidates are requested to pay:

  1. Admission fee in the amount of 150 Euro to the University account:

  1. Tuition fee

Year I, 5900 Euro (2950 Euro per semester)

Year II, III 6700 Euro per year (3350 Euro per semester)

  1. Application fee – please contact Mr. Adam Kielpinski for further instructions.


Adam Kielpinski

Email: admission@medicineinpoland.com

or adam@medicineinpoland.com

Mobile: +48 606 128 222